Cool And Artistic Acrylic Coffee Tables

Coffee table isn’t actually a table where you can drink a coffee. Yes, you can use it for enjoying your favorite coffee, but, mostly, coffee table is good decoration and furniture for your living room.

There are many type of material you can choose. Glass is one of them. Of course, if you choose glass, the price is also quite high. So, if you don’t have enough budgets, cool and artistic acrylic coffee tables should be enough for you.

Because of the acrylic material, which is easy to shape, you can find many cool designs for coffee table that is made of this material. Mostly, coffee table use round shape or simple style that make it can be used for any room. More than that, acrylic coffee table also has many different shape, from simple round and box type, to the arc shape and even shape that looks like letter “X”.

The acrylic coffee table can be said has lot more advantage than the glass one. The big different is there is not base. The glass coffee table needs a base to put the glass on top of it. But, the acrylic material made it possible to create coffee table that become one part with its base, just like wood table.

However, when you place it in your room, it’s hard to tell the different between the glass and acrylic. It looks similar and also beautiful.

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